16th June 2016

Investment Grade Diamonds

Only the highest quality diamonds qualify for investment grade status. An investment grade diamond is classified as a perfect to almost perfect colourless diamond of round brilliant shape with excellent cut, polish and symmetry for maximum optical brilliance. Obtaining the correct entry price is absolutely paramount in avoiding losses.


Excellent cut only, resulting in a brighter diamond with maximum fire


Investment grade status applies to stones of 1 – 5.99 carats


Top 5 only – D (colourless) through to H (near colourless)


Top 5 only – IF ( internally flawless) through to VS2 (very slightly included)


Must be graded and certified by GIA, IIDGR or both


Two way pricing on all investment grade products

"At the highest end, there's a great shortage of fine gem stones…and there's a big group of buyers out there who want to buy the very best”

Rahul Kadakia, Head of Jewellery, Christie's International (April 2016)